Dr Angelina Frank

Technical Product Manager

Angelina drives Horizon’s technical product development by orchestrating synergies between the end user, science, engineering, and design teams, as well as by building partnerships and collaborations with external stakeholders.

She joins us after her PhD at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore where she worked on integrated photonic circuits and their application to photonic simulation and material science. She holds an MSc in Chemistry with a specialisation in ultrafast photonics from The University of Tokyo and a BSc in Chemistry from Constructor University.  

Angelina has a remarkable track record in facilitating Singapore’s quantum ecosystem. She is a founding member of Singapore's National Quantum Young Researchers' Association and has been the committee chair of numerous outreach programs. She has extensive experience in shaping national-scale initiatives that bring opportunities for the academic community to grow and in building an awareness of quantum technologies’ larger context with industry, public institutions, and society.

Outside of her role, Angelina takes a thorough interest in socio-cultural landscapes and how cultural identities find expression in urban spaces through street art, design, and other creative outlets. She also takes great joy from exploratory initiatives around outdoor and adventure sports.

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