The team behind the classical to quantum compiler stack

Skilled interdisciplinary team

Our interdisciplinary team of physicists and computer scientists is trained in top-tier science and engineering universities, such as Oxford, MIT, ETH Zürich, UCL, University of Waterloo, Canada, and Brown University.

Our quantum scientists average 7+ years of post PhD working experience. Individually, we have published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and continue contributing to scientific research.

Together with seasoned technical team and business staff, we pursue the same ambition: enable quantum applications for the real world by bridging the gap between software engineering and quantum computing.


At Horizon, you'll have the chance to work with an outstanding team of physicists and computer scientists pushing the frontiers of one of the most exciting directions in computing technology.

To build our compiler and developer tools, we recruit technical specialists from Quantum Computer Scientists to Compiler Engineers and Frontend/Backend Developers.

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