Dr Jansen Zhikuan Zhao

Principal Scientist

Jansen focuses on building algorithms and protocols for Horizon’s compiler.

He is an experienced researcher in quantum physics and machine learning, with a track record of publishing in high-impact physics journals and conference proceedings (including Physical Review Letters, NPJ Quantum Information, ICML and NeurIPS). His main research interest includes robustness and reliability of algorithms for classical machine learning and quantum computing.

Before joining Horizon, Jansen had four years of experience as a research fellow in computer science at ETH Zürich. He obtained his PhD from the Singapore University of Technology and Design while doing parts of his doctoral research at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore. Prior to that, Jansen studied Physics at Jesus College, University of Oxford.

In his spare time, Jansen likes to hike, swim, make a hearty meal for loved ones and practice meditation.

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